Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Passing through Arizona this week reminded us of The Cult. Never really a mainstream band in the U.S., we started loving The Cult back in Great Britain where they started with their post-punk hits like 'She sells Sanctuary', 'Fire Woman', 'Rain' and many others. They've opened doors to a completely different style of Rock & Roll including their personal look which is infused with a Native American vibe and which is still really current and a big part of our own personal style. In one sentence, Ian Astbury is a bad child of R&R and one of personal icons.

'Livin' in a shack in a one horse town
Tryin' to get to heaven before the sun
goin' down
Lizard in a bottle, yea

Dizzy in a haze for forty days
Hey there, little devil'
                   The Cult