Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I. you have to explain to me 
how your heart can be
so broke that you run away-
you headed so fast towards
that vast silent open door
in order to leave us hanging.
it took me time to see
how our souls can be
forever as one in this easily 
replaceable world-
but as soon as i succumbed
to all that talk of love-
you stepped away... leaving me,
leaving me numb.
no longer do i have the faith in words
or bonds so tight they hurt,
it all seems like a mindless
mess to pass the time.
four years of promises and endless
talks to connect n’ shit...
i just don’t see,
what was it all for.
you no longer will inspire me
i barely want to speak
you dont exist with me-
you’ve hurt me too much.
i see now what kind of person you’ve been
always looking for replacements and fun things,
don’t need you anymore-
just keep on running.

II.  lost in my mind i simply find that 
all i need is myself- 
to make it through another day 
she has become me
when this great world seems to have closed in tighter 
and you find yourself standing and fighting alone
it is you that can win all your lonesome battles.
i find this comfort appealing 
as some may fear it;
but in certain times in life we aren’t really given the chance
to choose another way.
there is a reason for everything,
and greater than all- there is a time for everything;
we cannot fight to gain a moment, or for love
that is not meant to be.
the hardest lesson for me has been this.
and once i let go, freed myself from my wants-
none of these things were my greatest necessity,
but rather my memories.
and once the new moment and the new love 
has found its way to me,
i won’t need to question or dream no more.
this will be my fate.

(images: keith richards in joshua tree)